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Hello, Pierre Gilhodes!

I wanted to share with you my proposal for collaboration in sound design. Your games inspire me, and I would be thrilled to contribute by creating unique soundscapes for your projects. Let's work together to create an unparalleled atmosphere in your games!

Best regards, Ilya Shmyak

If you are capable of recreating Woodruff sound design, the I am all for I it :)

Hello! That's not difficult :) What specific sounds do you need? Please write to me on @soundshmyak Instagram for convenience.

I don't understand the "save" thing. Does the game only save when you finish a level? If so, it could have been done with a password like in the games before.

I honestly can't believe I got to play a new Gobliiins game after 30 years - very very happy!

The game could use a lot of polish (bugs, general usability), so I'm hoping the next episode will be even better! 😊

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Hi Mr Gilhodes:

- Will this game be translated into Italian and distributed on GOG?

- Is there a possibility that Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth will be made available (also in Italian) on GOG? 

Thank you

ask here , but short answer the game comes to Steam and he hasnt got the rights to publish Woodruff.- 


Excellent game, very fun and entertaining. Congrats!

Est-il possible de savoir ce qu'apporte la mise à jour ?

Merci d'avance.

Dans la troisième partie, un bug important résolu, dans la cuisine, ainsi qu'un bug mineur dans la pièce de Morglot.

Ok, merci beaucoup, ma compagne a déjà passé cette zone (oui c'est elle qui fait l'aventure pour le moment, je me lancerai dedans après elle). Elle pense que c'est lorsque Asgard a le hoquet, elle ne savait pas si c'était normal ou un bug, mystère résolu ^^.

Just bought it, cannot wait to try it out :D

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Is a Mac Verison planned? I have heard this is an AGS game. I'm not deep into this, but isn't there a native AGS player for Mac? Can I load the game with such a player or does it have to be compiled specifically for Mac OS?

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Maybe I should have read the discussion below. ScummVM supports AGS games now?!!! I did not know that yet. Of course that would be the easiest to play the game with ScummVM (like I do with the older Goblins games). But apparently there are still minor problems?

Hi Lebostein (is that the same Lebostein from Adventure Treff? If so, I inboxed you again. ;=) )

Yea. The game runs pretty well on Mac. Just a minor script bug due to different engine versions.

I'm almost done building an app bundle for the demo version.

I hope Pierre gets back to my Kickstarter message. This game has so much potential and would make a great game on consoles, too.

Salut à toi ! :)

Quel plaisir de retrouver Gobli[ii]ns après avoir grandi avec ce titre ! (que je lance toujours sur mon Amiga d'ailleurs :)

Donc, ça pourrait tourner sous Linux aussi ? 



Oui, ça peut absolument fonctionner sous GNU/Linux.
Cela pourrait aussi fonctionner sur Amiga ;=)

Ah génial ! Je passe commande dès que les finances s'éclaircissent un chouïa ;)

Merci à toi, ça fait vraiment plaisir ! J'ai pu faire découvrir en particulier Gobliins 2 (sur mon 1200 ;) à ma fille de 9 ans, ça lui a bien plu ;)


I spent more time bundling this than I spent hacking on ScummVM, but hopefully this should work and not run into any installation issues.

A Mac version is planned, soon if all goes well.


awesome game!

Just spotted a small glitch if you go with a goblins behind the statue in first level!

Greetings from Italy!

Walk behinds are one of the weaknesses of AGS. It's incredibly difficult to use the paint tool, so I'm not surprised.

I've never used AGS.

So you're telling me that you must use a paint tool for walk behinds instead of a masked image ? What a shame!

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You can paint your walkbehinds comfortable with Photoshop, Gimp or Aseprite as extra layers of your backround. Export from the tools mentioned can be automated with scripts (all these programs can be controlled via API) and Import to AGS can possibly also be done with API commands (or not?). I think the effort always depends on the skills...

Thank you Alessior ! For the next version.     PG

Another one!

J'ai téléchargé la dernière version du jeu et j'ai maintenant une erreur quand j'essaie de charger un niveau dans les parties 3 ou 4 :

Malheureusement, les sauvegardes AGS (le logiciel utilisé par Pierre pour créer le jeu) ne sont pas compatibles après certaines modifications apportées au code du jeu, vous devrez donc recommencer.

Merci pour l'information :)

Heureusement pour moi, je n'avais pas encore supprimé la version précédente donc je peux encore accéder aux sauvegardes avec celle-ci.

Je viens de finir le jeu. J'ai adoré ! (et beaucoup ri) 

Merci Pierre pour ce bon moment :) 

J'ai juste une petite demande : est-ce qu'il serait possible d'avoir une option pour augmenter le volume du son ? Celui-ci est assez bas comparé à d'autres jeux.

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WARNING! I found a dead end bug in Level 12. 

I had completed all the tasks in the classroom memory, but Oops kept telling me he couldn't wake up the bad guy from hypnosis, because there was "something he forgot". I really couldn't do anything more, so I watched a walkthrough on YouTube . I discovered the ending of the level is triggered only when you help little Morglot AFTER you help his classmates! In my playthrough I had completed all the task to help little Morglot BEFORE I helped all his classmates. The game seems to expect a precise order in the actions, but the problem is you can still solve the classroom puzzles in any order! I don't know how this elusive bug could be fixed. Pierre, I could suggest you to make sure the level ending is triggered whatever order the player follows to solve the classroom puzzles! :-P

I do not think it is a problem? I first helped little Morglot, and then his classmates, too.


Thank you for your comment. It’s a bug that we don’t understand and that we can’t do again. It seems to me that if you had recliqued a few times on young Morglot, it would have worked. I would still be looking. I don’t think it’s related to the order of the actions.    Pierre

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This is strange indeed. I can confirm I encountered the bug two times in a row. I restarted the level, I did the same actions and Oops kept telling me "There's something I forgot".  Stuck. I clicked on Morglot thousands of times, actually I clicked on everything 1.000 times!
Maybe you're right and it's not related to the order of the actions, so I wonder if there's something I did that stalled the game. Who knows? I'm sorry I can't help you more with this. Maybe it's not that frequent, if I was the only one in this situation.
By the way, I've beaten the game  and it's been a VERY funny experience. I'll post a complete feedback somewhere in the near future. Keep up the good (wonderful) work, Pierre! :-)

If press F5 I can save anywhere (but with wrong preview image).

In the lastest version F5/F7 is removed and doesn't work anymore.

I can't save game... Autosave only? I think it will be better to publish it on steam, it will be easier to make updates and get money from more people.

Why should it be better to be published on Steam? The author made it available both on itch and Steam. Why should somebody use exclusively one or another, instead of having both? 

I've completed the game - and it is just excellent! Definitely on par with the original trilogy. Thanks a lot, Pierre! Only the English text needs some proof-reading. And the ability to save the game in the middle of a level would be a welcome addition.

Thank you Lurius! (I would keep your name for a future Goblin). Sorry, many people would prefer a finer backup. For a puzzle game with a relative lifespan, I preferred to do like this, which was much more difficult to do besides, it is not really planned by AGS. I think that once we have made progress, we will quickly get back to where we were.   Pierre

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Hi Pierre. Could you please consider adding on-demand "Save" option? It would be really nice feature for people having 15-20 minutes daily for playing (like myself) and completing level during such a short time is almost-impossible thing.  Thanks! Piotr

I played first published version of the game and I found that you can save/load with F5/F7 during the game. But it was not intended and in the lastest version F5/F7 is removed and doesn't work anymore.


Thanks a lot Pierre to bringed back gobliiins in a new adventure.
The demo works well with wine or windows but I expected to play it with AGS Engine (ScummVM), unfortunalty at the beginning of the game, when I drop something in the trash of the Parc I got this error.

Do you know if it can be fixed? It will be the trigger for me to buy this game. Thanks 

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The relevant line in ScummVM.
I'll take a look at it for you.

Will report back once I've found a workaround (although this looks like a coding mistake on Pierre's part, maybe. Been a while since I messed with the AGS engine. RN, I work on reviving ScummC, so that maybe one day people can develop another game with a SCUMM compatible engine).

EDIT: I simply commented out the if-statement, recompiled ScummVM and restarted the game. No error message thus far.
My suspicion is that the AGS engine inside ScummVM is somewhat more strict than the default Windows AGS interpreter and that Pierre set an animation value that is out of bounds for the AGS engine inside ScummVM.

Thanks a lot for your really deep dive analysis!
Would it be relevant to ask for ScummVM AGS to be less restrictive?

It would be better to either fix the scripting bug (RepeatStyle should be either 0 or 1, no other value) or add an exemption based on game_id.

Just ignoring it altogether, for every game, can lead to bugs, memory leaks or segmentation faults.

Would you be okay with opening a ScummVM ticket to add this game and explain the scripting bug?


The ScummVM AGS engine is based off the "official" AGS engine branch 3.6.0, which is more restrictive compared to branch 3.5 which was used to build this game. As Happy-Ferret said it'd be better to wait for the dev to fix the bug, as a last resort we could add a workaround specifically for this game.

Here's a short playthrough of the demo in ScummVM, btw. After I commented out two lines to sidestep the Character.Animate repeat issue.

Sorry Modhack, I know nothing about Scumm... There must be a compatibility. I’m not a programmer. But you had problems putting things in the trash in the 1st level in the PC version?

Yes with the PC version, it crash when I drop the first element to the trash. Happy-Ferret Reported above that it due to the scummvm Character_AnimateEx check . 

Coming out the gate on this, the English script is a little... rough. Like I'm used to that, this is essentially a Coktel 2.0 game, but... like I'd be happy to go over the original French with someone and figure out a better translation, and if not me I'm sure there are plenty of writers who would love the chance to do that.

That would be great!

Fantastic! The spirit of Goblins lives! Great job, love it! Runs on a Mac through Wine/Crossover. But a native port would be nice.

Also I would like to make a translation, is it possible for me to add a language to the game?

There are these tools to read/write TRA files like the one that ships with Gobliiins 5, although that's very unofficial.

I would provide the files to those who want to do a translation. But you have to realize that this is a huge job.

Hello Mbunkin, yes, I would like players to do new translations. But there is a lot of text in this game, it’s a crazy job. And it is very expensive, which is why for the moment there are only two languages.

Thank you for the answer! I do realise the scope of the job. But being a huge fan of your games, and a general supporter of spreading positiveness and intelligence through gaming, I would really like to give it a try. I have experience translating texts and films, especially comedy material, which I think would be a good fit with Goblins. I want to aim for two languages, Serbian and Russian.

Awesome game! Excellent gameplay, awesome visuals while still staying true to the spirit of the original game series!


Thank you Vasilis !


Congratulations Pierre Gilhodes! I love the game! Brings back good memories from 1993 where I spent countless hours playing my favorite games Gobliiins, Gobliins 2 and Goblins 3.

I would love a MAC compatible version. Launch fine in ScummVM on MAC but text does not display correctly and crashes for example when you pull out the nail. I believe mac and linux compatibility will increase sales.

That being said. I am super impressed. Fantastic work!

let's spread the word guys! 😊


Thank you Blount! I am in contact with future partners, we may make a Mac, Linux version and solve problems under Scumm.

I contacted you on Kickstarter. If you need some additional expertise, I'm here. I already got a working MacOS build (still finetuning it though. Had some issues with the background image in the .dmg file and it currently only runs on MacOS 10.13 and up, and only on Intel Macs. I can  get it to work on Apple Silicon and even the old PPC models though)


Très bon jeu digne des 3 premiers. Même le 4 pourtant moche n'était pas si mal. Cette série me faisait rêver quand j'avais même pas 10 ans et j'en ai presque 40 maintenant...


Merci ! J'espère qu'il y en aura d'autres ! Voire refaire le 4 en 2d, amélioré.

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I don't understand French very well, but if you're thinking about remaking Gobliiins 4, I think you should reconsider. I really liked that game and I'd prefer your strong talent invested in a brand new game. I know 3D graphics weren't great, but back then 3D felt mandatory for every game, so G4 is representative of an era, after all. I still like that as it is. Gobliiins 5 is great, so I want to keep you creating new stuff. And BTW, I would LOVE to see Fingus & Winkle back. I loved those guys from Gobliins 2. :-)
Anyway, these are just my thoughts. You're the author, you decide what to do. It's your call. ;-)

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Great game! Would gladly convert it to Visionaire Studio from AGS so that mobile and console ports can easily be made!

You can run it through ScummVM...

True, but i guess he needs to make some money also here...

ScummVM can be used commercially

Indeed, but not for console ports

Apparently, even for those. The ScummVM team offered a proprietary license to Nightdive when they remastered Blade Runner. Nightdive refused, unfortunately.

Thank you! There may be adaptations on consoles soon.

How to change to English translation?


Run winsetup.exe before running the game

ahhah fun .return classic ;D


Graphics quality tip: run winsetup.exe and change Scaling method to Linear interpolation. Looks better to me.

It’s true, it’s smoother like that, but less pixel art


Hello Pierre, the game looks great, funny and engaging, I've just completed the first 4-levels part! I'm gonna start Part 2 as soon as I can (I'm a backer of the project on Ulule). I'm more than happy to help king Angoulafre, I've been helping him since 1992, basically. :-D
BTW, I think I found a bug: the game doesn't feature a manual save system, but F5 still brings up a garbled save/load menu. I don't think you did this on purpose, didn't you? That must be AGS' standard behaviour.

I found it too! F5 save, F7 load. It works but once it happened that two characters dissapeared and game crashed.

Shouldn't be a huge bug to squash. ;-) There must be a way to deactivate F5/F7 in the AGS code. I understand the game isn't designed to support manual saves (you just get access to the single screens/scenes, after you beat each of them).

Thank you Diduz! This is a problem I didn’t know, I fired these keys in the last version.


Hey Pierre,

amazing game! In the early 90  I've played Gobliins 2 on my Amiga when I was a kid and now this  🤩 🤩

Cool !

Hey Pierre!

I've started playing and I'm loving it.

Is there a contact where can we send game improvement suggestions and bug reports to? :)

Bonjour Pierre, je n'ai pas recu ma contribution via Ulule, j'ai essayé de vous contacter dessus, sans succès. En attendant je me lance sur la démo ;)

Est ce que tu l'as reçu maintenant ?

hello, c'est tout bon je te remercie. Je viens d'entamer la Partie 2. Que du bonheur. 

I was late to crowdfunding

Is there any way to buy the game, plus the included pdfs?

Great news that you are still working on this saga, this and Woodruff are my favourites

I already bought it, please if there is any way to extend with pdfs of your work, I would be interested, thanks.

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I've been a fan of Gobliiins since the Amiga! It's great seeing this series continue.

If you need a Polish translation, I localize software for a living – let me know :)

Génial d'avoir enfin la suite !! ♥♥

C'est toujours aussi fun, coloré, super animations, énigmes (jusqu'à présent) à la difficulté bien dosée, un excellent opus !! ♥

salut, si tu as besoin de le traduire en allemand, je peux aider, je parle FR et DE quasi comme une langue maternelle 8)


I would love to see an Amiga-version of that game!

Surprisingly, an Amiga version should be possible. Although it would require a fairly beefy Amiga with an accelerator and additional RAM.

Would it be fully playable on a tablet with a touch screen? Ideally I would even play on Switch.

Answer: no, it doesn't even emulate a mouse. Sad.

Any chance of a Mac version?

(1 edit)

A Mac version is indeed possible, since the game was made with the AGS engine, which does run on Mac. Moreover, I was able to make the demo run on GNU/Linux with the vanilla AGS binary, so a Mac port should be straightforward.

It’s possible, soon.

I created an unofficial Mac port of the demo. The .dmg is a bit broken unfortunately (no background image, unlike in the screenshot on my site) but I'm fixing that soon.

The demo currently only works on Intel Macs with MacOS 10.13 and up (it might work through Rosetta 2 on Apple Silicon. I don't have a device to test it though).

I'm releasing a universal binary for MacOSX 10.9 (Intel) and up and MacOS 11 (Apple Silicon) and up respectively soon.

Love Goblins since the 90's. 

If you need help translating it to Portuguese, I'm here to help! :)

It’s really a lot of work, right now we can’t afford it

I love your games, do you need Italian translation?

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I would love an Italian version! And I would like to help you with that as well.

It’s really a lot of work, right now we can’t afford it

I would gladly help you for free!



I can’t be the only one who hopes this will be a big success and result in a Woodruff sequel :)

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Nice demo, it's great to see GOBLiiiNS back!
Would you be interested in a GNU/Linux version of your game? I was able to run the demo with the AGS engine for Linux.

Please, I would love to help you to bring GOBLiiiNS to GNU/Linux.

It runs on plain Wine too, nice! I only had to switch it to OpenGL instead of DirectX.

I'm almost through with the demo on MacOS High Sierra, using ScummVM (haven't tried the official AGS runtime and I think ScummVM would be a better way to port the game to even older platforms as well as consoles)

There's one little bug in the script that required me to recompile ScummVM with a Character.Animate check in the AGS engine disabled. Otherwise it seems to work fine.

Would love to help porting this game, as well.

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